Mississippi Phosphates
Safety Policy

Mississippi Phosphates Corporation employees make up our company and are our most important corporate asset. Their safety and health ensures the company’s future success. It is our desire to provide a safe working environment for all employees, visitors and contractors. To that end, we have instituted an overall safety program that is utilized in daily activities and is marked by making safety the number one objective. Everyone is expected to abide by the safety program, exercise good judgment and common sense, and make safety a priority each and every day.

Management will provide all reasonable safeguards to ensure safe working conditions and support the safe and efficient development of all work activities. Safety is a part of management’s responsibility and will receive a high priority among management functions. Each element of our safety program is designed to promote safety as our number one priority and management will be held accountable for the implementation.

Mississippi Phosphates
Environmental Policy

In all of its activities, MPC will remain sensitive to environmental concerns and the need for sound environmental practices. The Company and its employees are committed to awareness of and adherence to federal, state, and local environmental laws, regulations, company policies and procedures. It is the policy of the Company to minimize the environmental, health, and safety risks to its employees and the community in which it operates. In implementing this Environmental Management System (EMS), management is committed to:
  • Minimize pollution in an environmentally and economically sound manner;
  • Minimize releases to the environment;
  • Conserve natural resources through efficient use and careful planning;
  • Recycle materials whenever technically and economically feasible; and
  • Disposal of wastes in a manner determined to be environmentally sound.

Through operation of this EMS, management is committed to using EMS as a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets, and improving continually.



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